Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College of Commerce & Economics

• D’LITA Guidance Workshop •

The DLITA’s Guidance Lecture workshop was held on 7 th July 2018 at 11 am in the college IT lab.
The workshop was organised for BSc.IT students where our Ex-Dalmians Mr. Vijay Mishra, Mr.
Abhijeet Shetty and Mr. Vaibhav Singh came and shared their experience about how the co-ordination
among them has helped bring a sheer change in themselves throughout the journey of BSc.IT.
The workshop was started by Mrs. Sanjana Khemka who introduced the Ex-dalmians on a pleasant
note. Then Mr. Abhijeet Shetty lead the workshop by sharing his vivid memories about all the
determination and consistent efforts he took for the BSc.IT department. He continued by instructing
his advices and ideas to tackle an interview and how to utilize time and also partake into co-
Curricular activities which can later become one’s great asset. He also guided the students by sharing
career advices by means of online websites like Sololearn, indiaBix and bushantalekar for CET
Examination, certified courses and job opportunities.
Mr. Vijay Mishra told about his experience of being the Ex-HOD of D’LITA and the EX-VCP of the
Dalmia Lions Utsav and how he balanced himself throughout his academics. He also told about his
honest behaviour and confidence that lead him towards the trust of his fellow mates. He concluded by
saying about how he used to put forward his ideas and his whole team would back him up on his
Then Mr. Vaibhav Singh shared his spirit about how his energetic mind had helped him become a
blogger, an influencer and a creator with the platform of social media. He also explained how
powerful and resourceful social media platform can be and how it can overcome the gap between the
people. He portrayed social media as a lucrative platform by the means of brand promotions, selling
of merchandise on digital market and product reviews on Youtube. He ceased the workshop by
quoting that “A pure heart and never quitting attitude can always help an individual achieve his
excellence by all means”.
The event concluded by felicitating the mentors by Prof. Subhashini Naikar, Prof. Rupali Mishra and
Prof. Sanjana Khemka and a photograph with Ex-Dalmians was taken as a memory of the stars never
to been forgotten.