Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College of Commerce & Economics

• E-Waste - 2018 •

The event began on 1st October, 2018 at 10:30 am in college foyer area. Days before the event
our D’LITA In-charge Prof. Aditi Save and our Hod's Mr.Viraj Mane Mr. Rutvik Poojary of
TYBScIT gave us an idea as in how to act as a team and help us visualize to make this event a
       A team of speakers was elected by the heads to propagate a powerful message about E-waste
collection drive .They spoke on E-waste collection and methods or ways to dispose E-waste.
They spoke about the Certificate that a student would get after participating in the college event.
        On the respective day of event volunteers of the team helped us install posters with E-Waste
bins received by “Ewaste Recycling India Pvt. Ltd.” to collect E-Waste in the foyer area. Then a
time specific schedule was created for the members of the team to conduct the event. The
members of the team were assigned with task by the HOD's to maintain a record of every
electronic waste donated by students. Photos were clicked by our photographer Mr. Gaurav
Ghadi to make the day a memorable one.
         The electronic waste components were collected daily by the D’LITA members in the
college foyer area and posters were put up all across the college to spread awareness among the
students. Ewaste was collected from the entire Self-Financing and Degree Courses. The teaching
and non-teaching staff members of the college also donated in this drive. We received an
excellent response from the college students and faculty members throughout the event.
        The deliberate and lucrative efforts taken by ours HOD’s, Teachers and all the D’LITA
members truly helped us make this event a success.