Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College of Commerce & Economics

• Spectrum Cover Page Design •

Team D’LITA had organised an event named “A Design is Thinking Made Visual” under the guidance of Prof. Rupali Mishra and Prof. Aditi Save. This was an online event in which students had to mail their designs on the mentioned mail Id. In this event the students were asked to design a cover page for the annual magazine of Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College by the name“SPECTRUM”. The theme for the cover page design was “Positive Relational Values in Our Surrounding”. The competition started on the 26th of January and the last day for submission was on 5th February.
The PR Team started informing the students about the competition on 25TH January, 2019 which went on till the 29th of January. They visited all the departments to inform everyone about the event and explaining the topic in detail, they also did class to class marketing. In total 12 students had participated and submitted beautiful designs. The competition was judged by Prof. Parulekar who’s a lecturer at Saraf College. The first place was won by Dev Kakrecha of TYBMS; Bhupendra Vishwakarma of TYBFM won the second place while Anibrata Mitra of class FYBMM won the third place. The winners were awarded with certificates and cash prizes on the annual prize distribution day at college. Indeed the students got to explore their horizons and expand them while working for the event.