Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College of Commerce & Economics

• E-Waste Drive •

The event began on 15th September,2017 at 10:30 am in the college foyer area.Day before the event our HOD's Mr Vijay Mishra from TYBSc(IT) and Rutvik Poojary from SYBSc(IT) helped us visualize how we,the members of DLITA were about to make our event a success.We were divided into teams where each member represented themselves as a speaker, writer, blogger, photographer,programmer and volunteer to make a complete team.

Huge pressure held on shoulders of speakers as Mr. Abhijeet Shetty and Miss. Shweta Pal had to convey a deep message so meaningful yet simple and powerful, about the ewaste collection drive for a fruitful event.They spoke on E-waste collection and methods/ways to dispose E-waste. They spoke about the Certification that a student would get after participating in the college event.

On the respective day of event volunteers of the team helped us install posters with ewaste bins received by Ewaste Recycling India Company to collect ewaste in the foyer area .Then a schedule was created for the members to conduct the event.The members of the team were assigned with task by the HOD's to maintain a record of every electronic waste donated by students. The photography department was managed by Sahil Sheikh, taking wonderful pictures.

Day by day ewaste kept pilling up in a huge rate,with a lapse in time and draining efforts of the members,the participation of students kept on falling.So with a change in plans and increase in effort of our team, our HOD's decided to give a descriptive announcement for the second time to the SFC and junior college.The next day onwards we received an excellent response from the students and core faculty members of our college.The social media and blogging department helped us to promote our event which helped us to to collect electronic waste from different colleges.

In this manner, our DLITA team managed to complete the event successfully with an excellent response and contributions from teachers and students. I would like to thank you and our teachers for motivating us to take up the event.