Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College of Commerce & Economics

• Website Testing •

The D’LITA team of the IT Department organized their second event after a successful event of ‘E-Waste Drive’. This event was named ‘Website Testing’. This event was conducted in two phases I) Elimination Round and II) Final Round. This event was held on 16th September,2107 in the Computer Lab at 10:30 am.

Many students from various streams registered themselves for this event. At 10:30 am the students were allotted according to their Registration Number. The event began and students started visiting the college website and they began to note down the flaws. They noted flaws related to the User Interface, Responsiveness, Speed, etc. Students were also allowed to give their own suggestions. The time allotted for the first phase of the event was 30 mins.

They were asked to note down these flaws in MS Word and then mail the file to The D’LITA team perfectly handled and managed this event. With this the first phase of the event i.e. Elimination Round ended. The result team started to open and view the Word file. They shortlisted students with the best suggestions and flaws. Seven students were selected for the final round.

These students were Rohit Vishwakarma, Roshini Bhavsar, Navneet, Tanmay, Vaibhav Singh. The second phase of the event i.e. The Final Round was held on 23rd September,2017. In this round the selected students were asked to prepare a PowerPoint Presentation. The final round was judged by Harshada Anil Khandekar. The Final Round began at 10:05 am. The selected students presented themselves. The judge spoke some words regarding the website.

The judge was felicitated by the Co-Ordinator of BSc.IT Department – Prof. Rupali Mishra. The Final round ended at 12:10 pm. The judge declared the results. The 1st position was bragged by ……2nd 3rd. The event was overall a huge success.