Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College of Commerce & Economics

• Big Data •

The workshop was organized on 20th January, 2018 at 12:00 pm in the computer lab. A notice was circulated to all the Bsc.IT classrooms regarding this workshop on 17th of January, 2018. All the students were very excited and eager to know about this new concept of ‘Big Data’. The D’LITA team organized the workshop by consulting with our coordinators. The workshop was based on 'BIG DATA HADOOP' which is an open source framework that allows us to store and process large amount of data in a distributed environment across clusters of computer using simple programming models.

Our core committee member of BSc.IT department Mrs. Manisha Jadhav introduced us to the host of the session Mr. Rajiv Gupta who shared his knowledge and experience about 'BIG DATA HADOOP' structure. Mr. Rajiv Gupta had an interactive session with the students and also overviewed us with the career scope and the benefits of 'BIG DATA HADOOP'. He gave the students many examples about his colleagues and his students who had studied ‘Big Data’ and their achievements. He told us about the advantages of learning Big Data and how this field and knowledge about this field will be important in the near future. The students were inspired by his thoughts and presentation and had many queries which he rectified with some good examples.

The event winded up with a round of applause and a feedback form was filled by the students to end the event in a very inspired approach.