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• Irrigation in IoT •

Written By: Mr. Akshay Kumar Patel (F.Y.BSc.I.T)

The number of things that are connected to the Internet is increasing with reference to an increase. This has led to defining a new conception of Internet, the commonly called Internet of Things.

Internet of Things ecosystems are unaffected, on the one hand, of so called elegant objects, i.e., tiny and highly constrained physical devices in terms of memory capacity, calculation capability, energy autonomy, and communication capabilities. On the next hand, Internet of Things is made up of recognition tags and codes that allow identifying a specific thing in a unique and global way. Several technologies are enabling these types of things.

Nowadays, sensors, actuators and devices (so-called things), are connected to the Internet through gateways and platforms such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition platforms (SCADAs), panels, and brokers. These gateways and platforms break the end-to-end connection with the Internet. For that reason, this initial approach is defined as an Intranet of ThingsIoT requires both architecture and products that allow for the extension of Internet technologies, in order to reach a Future Internet of Things, Services and People.

The second key challenge is to guarantee security, privacy, integrity of information and user confidentiality. The majority of the IoT applications need to take into considerations the support of mechanisms to carry out the authentication, authorization, access control, and key management. In addition, due to the reduced capabilities from the constrained devices enabled with Internet connectivity, a higher protection of the edge networks needs to be considered with respect to the global network.

Security is a wide concept which covers everything from authenticity (ensuring that the end-user is who is claimed to be), authority (ensuring that the end-user is allowed to perform the requested action), integrity (the data received is exactly the same data transmitted), and confidentiality (communication is not understandable for intermediary users, even when an intruder is in the network). These concepts are satisfied through a set of protocols, algorithms and cryptographic primitives.


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