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• Working of IoT •

Written By: Ms. Sanchita Jhunjhunwala (T.Y.BMM)

With technology becoming ever so advanced, and new ways of life kicking in with passing time, there is indeed no stopping the world because thanks to the IT sector, India has indeed successfully managed to become one of the developing nations and is on its way to become developed country.

• The working of IOT is rather simple and obviously reliable as it tracks and identifies things, collects and processes the data to detect the alterations in the physical item followed by processing and allowing the smallest of things to have the ability to connect and interact.

• The Internet of Things consists of all the Internet-enabled devices that send, receive and act on data they acquire from their users and surrounding environments.

• The potential of IOT is vast in terms of Aviation, Power, Healthcare, rail etc since that will in turn also increase the value both nationally and globally. It not only will give better performance, but also reduce the costs, leave more scope for innovation, and bring to the nation n added source of income with work made easier.

• Applications of IOT are many including the likes of manufacturing, home care, media, medical, energy management, transportation and a lot more.

• IoT is going to bring a fresh breath of air to the current monotony and bring about a revolution like never before. In fact, IOT will help not just in connecting things to the internet, but also in actuation abilities. Additionally, they could gradually help do things, and not just sense them. Having said all of that, there also lie a lot of challenges in IOT, one of the major one being how there is difficulty in standardization, scalability and the software complexities. Others also include wireless communication issues, power supply defect, interpretation and data volumes, etc.

• Putting the challenges aside, there also is a lot of criticism that it had received owing to issues related to privacy, design, security, social control, autonomy, social impact, etc.


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