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Written By: Mr. Rana Pratap Singh (FY.BSc.IT)

To understand the meaning of internet of things and its use in our day-to-day life we can break this word in two parts “Internet” & “Things”. Internet is the way for us to get information or to communicate. This includes all kinds of electronic devices like TV, AC, Fridge etc. i.e. when these things get connected from internet it becomes part of Internet of Things. Internet of thing is basically “The network of physical devices or any other item embedded with electronics, any kind of software, sensors, and network connectivity which enables these objects to collect & exchange data.”

Basically our new world’s internet is not only about connecting people but also connecting things from each other. Actually it’s like “things start to share their feelings with everything” or else we can say in IoT “We take a thing and add sense & communication ability in that. To operate any IoT a device needs to have the following 3 things i) Unique id of that device. ii) Internet so that we can operate that device. iii) Sensor, usually it’s placed in every device which can be operated by remote.

IoT can be used almost in all fields of our life like in Health Care, Industries, Smart City, and Cars etc. The reality is that there are around 10 billion devices are in use that is part of internet of things & it’s also helping countries in economical growth. We all want to live a better life and internet of things can be the best medium to do so.

Let’s talk about wisdom… Wisdom, what is it all about…???

We know that wisdom comes from sensing all the things, collecting all the data and information. This collection turns into knowledge and what we derive from knowledge is known as Wisdom. So yes, I believe IoT is the perfect thing to collect all the wisdom and move humans forward using this.


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