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Written By: Manasi Rana

Digital India
This is a mission or a campaign started by our Indian Government to change our country in a Digitally Empowered Country. The objective of starting this campaign is to provide electronic government services to Indian citizens by reducing paperwork.

The initiative was launched on 1 July 2015 to connect people in rural areas to high-speed Internet networks. Three important elements of Digital India are Digital Infrastructure, Digital Literacy and providing services digitally across the country.

The project is targeted to be completed by 2019 i.e last year. It is the program that will benefit both service providers and as well consumers. The program is overseen by the Digital India Advisory Group headed by the Ministry of Communications and IT to monitor and control the program. It is very effective and efficient technology that will save time and manpower to a great extent.

I hope, our country would also be improved at 2020, this year there would be a lot of improvements and also digital technological things will be made in our country India, by our Indian Government.

Few, things which I imagine in future digital India between 2020 till 2050 are as follows:

1) Improvements of latest mobile devices, modern network, such as 5G mobiles, high speed data services on year 2020 and more updates on Samsung flexible mobiles which is already launched 2019.

2) ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) the latest missions of Gaganyaan started from this new year 2020 training for new astronauts to move to space between 2021 - 2023.

3) India’s latest cars, bikes which will be made between 2030-2050 whole road and vehicle system will be changed. The vehicles will be totally working with electricity which is chargeable and these systems will be made all over India, there won't be any more use of petrol or diesel.

4) Making digital India, building villages with higher facilities like cities.


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