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• Information Technology in Education during Covid-19 •

Written By: Mr. Abdul Ansari (F.Y.B.Sc.I.T)

Information Technology is the study or use of electronic equipment especially computers for collecting, storing and sending out information. Covid-19 has adversely affected the world economy from under developed countries to Developed countries. We have never thought that we ever faced trouble like global pandemics and complete lockdown. Covid-19 has not only affected the education sector but almost every sector of the economy.
Information Technology or IT helped us a lot during Covid-19 pandemic. In fact it became the backbone during pandemic all over the world from Corporate sector to Education.
As the lockdowns were imposed in almost every country of the world. Schools, Colleges and other educational institutions were shut down. According to a survey Covid-19 pandemic impacted the lives of 1.57 billion students globally. It also slows down the learning for 3 to 4 months. Many Competitive exams were not postponed risking the lives of many students.
Physical classes were almost impossible, so classes completely moved online. E-learning became the new normal of the education system. Software like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft teams were used to connect between teachers and students. Other software like Google classroom and noodles were used by educational institutes to copy up to the syllabus of students. Students from nursery to higher studies were using the internet to attend their lectures. Exams were taken online with the help of high end websites and advanced techs. As more than 60 percent of India’s population live in rural areas where the internet was inaccessible. Efforts were made by the Government and other Non-Government Organization [NGO] to overcome these problems.


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