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• IT in Education during Covid-19 •

Written By: Mr. Bhaskar Yeram (F.Y.B.Sc.I.T)

Covid-19 pandemic has affected the whole world and due to that there has been a tremendous change in every work field and education. As we all know because of the pandemic the schools, colleges and teaching institutes all over the world have been shut down and requested to continue their education from their home with the help of computerized Applications.
IT has played a very important role in each and every student's life. Students across the globe can still continue with their education through e-learning and digital platforms. E-learning has resulted in increasing retention of information in less time than before. Much more material and information is available in e-learning than the traditional way of teaching in the class.
Learning online is 25-60% more effective than the classroom system which was just 8-10% between students. Education sector has responded greatly to this pandemic by offering free access to various services on digital platforms for learning new things. Since studies have shown that children extensively use their senses to learn, making learning fun and effective through use of technology is crucial.
In this e-learning system there are also challenges to overcome. There are also a number of students without reliable internet access and electronic devices that fail to participate in this form of education. It is very important to have a proper device and internet access but lack of these facilities results in the disadvantages of e-learning. To overcome this gap, the government should provide some facilities to the underprivileged students. E-learning has a future in the educational field as it has more innovative things and ideas to be brought and I hope to continue learning in such a way post Covid-19.


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