Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College of Commerce & Economics

• Technology and its boon •

Written By: Miss. Akansha Dubey (F.Y.B.Sc.I.T.)

Amidst the pandemic, technology has undoubtedly become a part of the education system.. It’s a new source of saving the environment like trees do for human beings. Due to the help of technology students are attending lectures online they are getting more, faster and better knowledge, skills and ideas.
In olden days books and pens were not available, students just had to listen to their teachers, passively the era changed and developed which has increased usage and availability of books and pens has taken an advancement in human life style. Today, technology has taken the greatest place in our life, with the use of technology students are having more ideas and knowledge so technology has become one of the most powerful weapons. This weapon will help us to change the world and will definitely bring a better future for mankind , especially in the education sector.
Due to Covid-19, recently the whole world has suffered a lot. Literate people are also living life like illiterates, the people who have a job have become jobless, so the “technology” has helped the whole world thanks to those who invented all these. Availability of technology, internet and a zest for learning helps us a lot doing online work, online shopping, study mostly it helps those students who thinks of wasting a year. It has the greatest impact on human life.
“A human without technology is like a body without soul”.


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